With a love of our local history, Dry Diggings Distillery was started in El Dorado County and Amador Distillery was roughly a year later in Jackson, CA. Both operations eventually were brought together with a focus on our locally grown fruit and grain. We ferment, distill, blend and bottle all products on site in El Dorado Hills, just up the hill from Sacramento on the way to Lake Tahoe. Over the past 4.5 years our tasting room has developed a large following in the local Sacramento region, across the U.S. and abroad. We have hosted foreign visitors from across Europe, South Africa, South America, Central America and the Far East. The Gold Rush history is apparent in our marketing and story.

We are active in production weekly and have had barrels aging over 10 years. Our small production capacity allows us to focus on high quality and local products. We currently have 25 labels, but only distribute the more traditional types of products. For more information, please contact us.


31n50 Bourbon

This is our original aging project. We wanted to prove the aging process of our warehouse and learn what happens over 10+ years. Barrel 1 started at 121 proof and 7 years of rested aging. Each successive barrel has yielded higher proof and less bottles per barrel.

31n50 shows the impact of both high and low temperature cycles and a distinct lack of humidity over most of the year. The daily swings in temperature also contribute greatly to how deep the whiskey penetrates the wood.

Now each barrel is over 10.5 years old and is being bottled at different barrel proof (s). The final 8 barrels of the 12 originals are being bottled now (barrels 1 - 4 are sold out). They will be sold in succession.

Current Barrel: No.5

142.6 PF


Rubicon Rye Whiskey

This bottle has a 100% Rye mash bill, which is unique to other blended rye whiskies on the market. Initial aging is in typical new American charred oak for the first two years, then rests in a second handmade custom barrel for an additional 6-18 months. The second barrel is toasted & charred over a wood fire, thus developing a depth of natural sugars creating caramels & vanillas along with the spicy rye grain taste.

This has become a signature bottle for our brand. Each batch is unique to that batch and barrel. The mash bill is always the same, but the barrels offer unique profiles that influence each bottling. This makes each batch as unique as the trail its named after. Always amazing and intentionally never the same experience.

96 PF


Camino Ray Whiskey

Made from local beer wash in a brewery in Camino, California. Tastes of orange when first opened, but then earthy, brown sugar notes come through as it sits. Not a typical whiskey and for sure one to enjoy slowly. This is a limited edition whiskey, never to be made again. Part of our One and Done whiskey program. Savor the moment!

80 PF


Engine 49 Straight Rye Whiskey

Amador Distillery makes a unique rye whiskey that is nothing but 100% rye on the mash bill. Most other brands have other grains mixed in with their rye mash bill, but that is not our style.

Engine 49 80 proof Rye Whiskey is a very easy rye that appeals to whiskey lover and novice spirit drinkers alike. Many visitors to the tasting room start with a "I don't like Rye" conversation, but soon find out that this spirit is very different. We use the heat of our warehouse and lack of humidity to extract deeper flavor from the barrels which works well with the deep rich sweet flavors of the rye grain.

We add no flavors, colors, sugars or anything else. The Barrel Strength bottles are 120 proof for intensity and focus on flavor. Other than a small amount of proofing water, all you get is a true rye flavor that shows what our barrels produce.

80 & 120 PF


Diamond Springs Vodka

Diamond Springs Vodka takes its name from the gold rush town that supplied the fresh drinking water for miners away from all the dangerous chemicals. This vodka was designed to take advantage of the multiple stills Dry Diggings has on site to create a unique product in a crowded spirit space. Most vodkas rely on sugars, citric acid or other additives to develop their unique characteristics. We distill this vodka from local Northern California wines for it's subtle and smooth taste. We use nothing post distillation in any of our products to create our tastes, mouthfeel or finish.

From the first sip to the last, Diamond Springs Vodka gives smooth, crisp and clean a new definition. This vodka works as straight sipper, over ice or a dirty martini. Our recommendation is to keep Diamond Springs Vodka in lighter cocktails where it can shine.



Neutral Brandy

Neutral Brandy follows the path of a vodka style spirit without filtering and made from wine. The big difference of Neutral Brandy is the more intense flavors that vodka lacks. This spirit is best used in a cocktail with high acidic fruits, such as grapefruit or cranberry, for an easy, yet complex cocktail.

80 PF



This product grew out of our tasting room that was located in Sutter Creek. We could only sell brandy products, so we developed a "compound gin" style of brandy. We use a neutral brandy distillate that is smooth and easy to base this product, then we float a botanical blend within the stainless tank to give it a beautiful golden color and easy flavor.

This bottle is similar to Engine 49 Gin, but has a reversal on the flavor profile. This bottle is focused on the mint and makes this a unique bottle for cocktails. The taste starts off with spearmint, transitions into citrus, then anise, finishing with a juniper undertone.

80 PF


Rumtopf Liqueur

This product is made from a family recipe, brought over from Germany. We steep local fresh fruit in our Engine 49 Light Rum for over a year to produce a naturally sweetened liqueur.



AppleJack Brandy

A very smooth yet Apple flavor forward brandy. This is a complex blend of over 30 varietals of fresh apples. There are a lot of spice flavors involved including cinnamon and nutmeg mixing with the apple flavor.

The barrels impart their flavor along with the fermented apple juice and remember we never add color, sweetener or flavorings… all natural.

80 PF


Syrah Brandy

We work with wineries from around the Sierra Foothills to make our Syrah Brandy.

This brandy provides the melon, pomegranate and and berry notes of the wine balanced by a lightly oaked profile.

We consider this to be one of our more traditional brandies but with a more approachable profile.

Great for new spirit sippers and complex enough for seasoned pros to kick back with. Our Syrah Brandy is easily sipped neat, ice, or blended into a cocktail.

80 PF



This cultural spirit comes from the Serb-Croatian community. We make this for the St Sava Church community in Jackson, California and are proud of the heritage involved.

This is a plum brandy that combines a complex array of flavors that can be enjoyed neat or over ice. While a potent spirit style, the traditional approach is clean and tight with the plum coming in late in the mouth.

This is a seasonal product and limited production. We retain very few bottles for the tasting room as most go to the community for which it is made.

80 & 100 PF


Bodie 5 Dog California Whiskey

White Whiskey: This product is a blend of production techniques that allow the spirit to ferment and distill in a way that belies its true grain roots.

This bottle is a lightly aged whiskey. The nose does not match the flavor profile on purpose. This is a sensory experience that combines 2 well known spirits products that are never combined. This is meant to change your expectations and give a very unique whiskey experience. Smooth, yet high proof, floral and earthy with big notes of unexpected flavor.

98 PF

Single Malt: The focus of Bodie Single Malt is on flavor of the malted grain. We made a conscious choice to bring out 2 row malted barley's big floral characteristics with the smooth flavor of new American Oak finish. This style is known as "West Side" over on the Isle. With today's focus on smokey peated single malt, we went back in time to enjoy the grain!



Engine 49 Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The Engine 49 80 proof Bourbon is a wonderful bottle for both beginner and advanced spirits consumers. The heat and lack of humidity give a very smooth and deep flavor without the typical burn or thin flavor many young bourbons acquire. We keep all our barrels in a warehouse environment that promotes the barrels pulling the spirit into the staves. This gives a very smooth and easy to drink bourbon, that also provides a deep flavor profile. The mash bill is 75% corn and 24% rye with 1% set aside for malted barley to help fermentation. This gives us a unique style that many can enjoy.

The Barrel Strength Engine 49 Bourbon is 120 proof for consistency. The barrels mirror the 80 proof Engine 49 Bourbon, but instead of taking the spirit down to typical 80 proof we keep it close to how it ages in the barrel.

80 & 120 PF


Engine 49 Vodka

This vodka is a straight grain mash bill that works great for cocktails. A straight forward clean 80 proof vodka makes amazing cocktails and works especially great Bloody Mary's.

By using a wheat alcohol that is clean and smooth any vodka cocktail recipe will work with this bottle, as the clean crisp profile allows its flavor to shine without overpowering the other ingredients. A real team player for any bar.

80 PF

E49 Gin.jpg

Engine 49 Golden Gin

This is a "Compound" Gin that is made by distilling high proof corn alcohol into a clean, crisp and easy drinking base alcohol. This product is then cold soaked with a botanical mix that allows the juniper to be a supporting character. Gin lovers and new spirit enthusiasts both enjoy this product.

This has a beautiful golden color instead of the typical clear, and it is not barrel aged. The color comes from the botanicals soaking in the alcohol to develop a balanced and smooth flavor.

Engine 49 Gin brings Anise and Mint to the front and center while having a supportive role for Juniper and Citrus flavors. This allows the spirit to be served over ice or in a host of cocktails depending on desired outcome. A very easy spirit bottle to use, but always keep in mind the anise and mint flavors.

80 PF


Engine 49 Rum

This is a fun bottle of Rum... forget all your expectations... this is a straight forward simple spirit. Engine 49 Rum is made from California sugar cane and has a small amount of a deep Caribbean rum mixed in post distillation (usually at 5%). This gives the rum a sweet easy taste up front and follows it up with a slightly complex flavor in the back. This allows people to make a cocktail in any style they want... this is a "mixes well with others" bottle.

The tasting notes all center on sweet and easy. Everyone who comes into the tasting room all comment on how easy and approachable this bottle is. Fresh and easy like California... smooth the fun for anyone to enjoy.

80 PF



The name Visnjevaca is Polish for Cherry Brandy. Darrel Corti, of Corti Brothers Grocers, helped name this product and inspired its style.

This brandy is a complex taste with many spices upfront and the cherry can take a long while to arrive. Barrel influence is heavy on this product, and many appreciate the whiskey style notes that precede a subtle cherry flavor.

This spirit can be enjoyed neat, over ice or in a cocktail. A favorite of ours is using some Visjevaca in an Old Fashioned while muddling a cherry before introducing the bourbon.

80 PF


Thompson Black Label Brandy

Thompson tables grapes from the Fresno, California area are used in this simple, yet interesting brandy.

A very light toasted barrel aged goes into the finish on this spirit, and provides a very nice alternative to heavy brandy. The natural grape flavor shines here, but always remember… its 80 proof.

Great for a sipping spirit or use in a light spritzer style cocktail.

80 PF


Muscat Brandy

This brandy started life in the Shenandoah Valley region of Amador County. Muscat grapes and wines almost always have a pronounced sweet floral aroma.

The breadth and number of varieties of Muscat suggest that it is perhaps the oldest domesticated grape variety, and there are theories that most families within the Vitis vinifera grape variety are descended from the Muscat variety.

Many describe the wine as sweet, but when distilled and aged into brandy that sweetness is restrained and a deeper flavor emerges. This appeals to “experienced” brandy aficionados and makes wonderful cocktails.

80 PF