Distilling Services

Do you own a winery? Do you have interest in exporting or making brandy? We can help. Our specialty is making fruit based (grape, apple, plum etc) into high proof spirits that can be used in fortifying wine, eau de vie or aging for brandy. Grains are no problem, but we work with partners to do those wort/wash cooks. With many years of experience we are able to advise how best to realize what you want to do. From COLA approval through bottling, we can help you.


We can help you develop a brand, build a distillery or simply distill a fermented product for you. Let us know how we can help!

Consultation & Private Brand development

We offer consulting services to start your brand and need help working on the details. Our approach is to help you develop a business plan before we get into product development. The goal is to make you successful and that starts with a solid foundation that has clear direction. When approaching the adult beverage industry, working with trustworthy partners that can set realistic expectations saves time, money and heartache. With industry contacts and key business partners we can help you achieve that success. Let us know what you need and where you want to take your brand.